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Our mission at Rug Advocate is to  train rug cleaners and their staff to be better rug care advocates themselves. We help build an overall skill set without harsh criticism or judgement. Rather, we instill confidence with a better understanding of rug terminology, ID, services, and care, always with a focus on what is best for each and every rug.

Lynn Tall
Founder and Owner, Rug Advocate®

Rug Advocate classes teach you to:

  •  Better determine the best method of cleaning
  • Communicate more effectively with your clients
  • Easily sell additional services
  • Build loyalty and confidence with your customers
  • Earn word-of-mouth referrals

Rug Advocate classes and events provide:

  • Solid foundational skill training in rug care, rug identification, and rug construction
  • Expert instructors with your business growth and potential at heart
  • Networking opportunities that are second to none

Rug Advocate® classes are designed to
sharpen your skill set, broaden your expertise, and help you make more money.

Class size is limited so that each attendee receives individual attention.

Immediately put what you have learned to work for you!

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