Is it Really Necessary to Pre-Inspect Before Cleaning?

by | Mar 8, 2016

Why do a rug pre-inspection before cleaning?? Why wouldn’t you??

As cleaners, we should always strive to provide the best care for our customers.  That also should include full and proper pre-inspections for every rug that comes through the door.

Much like your mechanic might do a 27-point engine check when all you wanted was an oil change, as service providers, we need to do our best to let our customers know if we see something odd or unusual that they may not even realize is happening – moth damage on the back of a rug, unraveling ends due to over-enthusiastic vacuuming, discolorations, pet urine damage, dry-rot, wear patterns, mildew, etc.

Your customers are not trained to know what to look for. They only know that their Mother-In-Law is coming for the holidays and they want the rug cleaned before she arrives. It should be our job as professionals – not splash & dash operators – to inform and educate our clients.

I realize that there are many rug cleaners out there who may not know themselves what to look for, how to solve a particular problem, or even how to effectively communicate their concerns with their customers. My hope is that they will continue educating themselves whenever possible, they will not take unnecessary risks with customer rugs, they will develop a network of expert professionals and mentors to help them through difficult issues, they will have the proper insurance – just in case, and they will ALWAYS be honest and ethical in their dealings with customers – never promising more than they might be able to deliver – just to do their best.

Utilizing a comprehensive pre-inspection form is one way to help the novice cleaner (as well as the time-tested expert who may get a tad lazy at times) keep detailed focus on each rug and it will also:

  1. Protect the cleaner from liability wherever possible
  2. Protect the customer from suffering unforeseen damages
  3. Open up communication between cleaner and customer
  4. Elevate the level of care – for the customer and the rug
  5. Call attention to areas of concern
  6. Establish expectation levels
  7. Provide for the addition of extra services, if necessary

Once you get into the habit of using a pre-inspection form, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

If you do not currently use a pre-inspection form, please find your way HERE to download one you can use…for FREE.

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