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Response Forms

  Online Response Forms – A Modern-Day Necessary Evil by Lynn Tall, Rug Advocate   Online-response forms. I hate them. In my mind, there’s no customer greater than the one who has already taken the time to pick up the phone to call you with questions that...

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Two New Flyers!

The first, "Stain and Fiber Protection," is a sales-oriented flyer to be used when soft-selling the service. It talks about what protectant does, how it should be applied, different types of protectors, limitations of the product, benefits of the product, and what to...

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Liability Disclaimers – What Should They Say?

Liability disclaimers help convey a professional tone early in your interaction with your customers, they assist in setting realistic expectations, and they are also useful as a legal deterrent should problems come up while the rug is in your custody, especially when...

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Building Blocks of Rug ID: Warp vs Weft

Before you attend any Rug ID class, there are a few basics you need to have well learned so that you don’t fall behind in class. The first of those is basic rug construction. The proper names and functions of what’s on the inside of your rug is probably the best place...

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The Best Way to Wrap and Store Rugs

Many rug owners do not realize the damage that can be caused by improperly storing their rugs. There are a few things to consider before you roll them up and put them away. As rug care professionals, we need to know that not all situations are the same, what the best...

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How often should you clean your customers’ rugs?

Customers often ask us how often they should be cleaning their rugs. Below is some advice you can share... If your customer's rug is in an entry way, in front of the kitchen sink, or in some other high-traffic place, they will take the most abuse from wear and soil....

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