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Buying Rugs on eBay

When you’re ready to buy a new-to-you Oriental rug, buying rugs on eBay or other auction sites may seem like a GREAT idea. Lots of dealers list their wares, new and used, all in one place. If you are a savvy online rug shopper, there are often great steals to be...

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Tufted Rugs

Did you know that rugs are not all made the same way?  Some are knotted by hand, some are flat woven by hand, some rugs are machine made, and some are tufted. It’s this last type that has become most popular with consumers, but tufted rugs have many problems that...

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Marketing Flyers, the Silent Salesmen

Do you have difficulty selling additional services even when your client badly needs them?  If you find it difficult pointing out and explaining problem areas with a customers' rugs, our marketing flyers are for you!  We find that customers are quite receptive to...

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New Rug, Old Look

  Many of today’s newer hand knotted, woven, and tufted rugs are being made to look older, more antique, than they really are. One way to do this is to wash the rug in a tea bath to achieve a darker, muted appearance. Tea washing is not a permanent treatment. ...

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Do I Need A Rug Pad Under My Rug?

Keeping a rug pad past its prime may save a few dollars now, but may cost you much more later. Most consumers don’t realize that rug pads have a life expectancy of only 1-3 years if rubberized, and 5-8 years if heat-bonded synthetic...

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