Making Great Videos for Your Website

by Lynn Tall, Rug Advocate

Everyone knows that adding a video or two to your website engages your potential customers, keeps your content working for you, and adds some all-powerful Google-juice, but how can you be sure it’s a QUALITY video? You could be wasting your time and money on off-putting BAD videos.

Avoid some of the worst video pitfalls by following these important guidelines:

Solidify your concept.

Before you begin recording, know exactly what you want to talk about and why you want to talk about it. A mindful approach comes across as confidence.


Make yourself a script, or at the very least, an outline to follow. That way, you won’t ever wander too far off-topic.


Be sure that the space you’re recording in is quiet. Viewers shouldn’t have to work very hard to understand what you’re saying over the background noise.

Don’t be dim.

Your recording space should be well-lit. Good lighting isn’t hard to create. Natural light is best, but photo lights and photo umbrellas aren’t very expensive.

Clean it up!

Whatever space you decide to record in should be clean. If you’re in a workshop, your viewers shouldn’t see any dirty rags, wrinkled uniforms, or stained walls. If you’re in a corporate setting, remove all coffee cups and food wrappers, and make sure no sensitive information is visible in the background.

Size matters.

The optimum video length is about one minute. Sixty seconds to get your point across. Anything longer and you risk losing your audience.

What’d he say?

Enunciate. It’s impossible to understand you when you speak too fast or mumble. Project your voice, but don’t shout. Speak with clarity and confidence.

No one wants to know how the sausage is made.

Focus your concept on actual results rather than how you achieve your results. Don’t show them the messy “in-between” process.

Don’t get disoriented.

Videos posted to your website should be recorded in a LANDSCAPE orientation. Videos posted to your social media platforms should be recorded in a SQUARE orientation. Videos shot in a PORTRAIT orientation are unusable.

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