No one wants to know how the sausage is made

by Lynn Tall, Rug Advocate

Working with dozens of rug cleaners on their websites over the last year has taught me that you all love your shops, your equipment, and the exceptional work you turn out every day. You love to showcase it on your websites, and that’s great, but…

There is nothing more off-putting to a potential customer than looking at a rug soaking in its own filth in a decontamination pond full of discolored water, or a video of a badly urine-saturated rug releasing a river of yellow all over your cluttered wash floor. We know what we’re doing there, but they can’t be expected to understand why we’re doing it. To them, it just looks…gross. Instead, redirect your visual concept on actual results rather than how you achieve your results.


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Here are three video ideas to get you started:



Focus on staining and describe any odor issues. Explain in the video, as if the viewer was your client, how you need to specially treat this particular rug to remove the odor and treat any staining. Let them know that pet damage is the most common reason why a customer will contact you. Assure them that you see this type of damage all the time and that you have the experience necessary to solve their problem. Follow up with an “after” video showing your awesome results. Have someone “sniff-test” an area to show how fresh and clean the rug is now!


Focus on areas of concern: rotted hole, torn side cord, fringes that are missing. Explain to your viewer how these things may have happened: plant was overwatered and rotted the rug, dog chewed the edge, vacuum grabbed the fringe. Let them know what can be done by your repairer, and that you’ll give several options at different price points from which they can choose. Follow up with an “after” video explaining which repair the customer selected and show how the end result is sturdy/invisible/beautiful.

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Make sure it’s clean and quiet – void of coffee cups and energy drinks, no pails or rags on the floor, equipment off, reception area sparkling clean. Walk the viewer through reception. Maybe even have your receptionist wave and say hello. Next, on to pre-inspection area, dusting area, wash floor, drying area, repair area, finishing area, pick-up storage area. End it in front of your delivery van full of rugs waiting to be returned to happy customers so that your viewer will recognize your van around town. Invite them to come in to see the process in person.

I hope these ideas inspire you to script and shoot a bunch of new videos for your website, but remember – your future customers don’t necessarily care HOW you do what you do, only that it CAN be done, and done well by YOU. Don’t show them how the sausage is made – only that it looks delicious enough to eat.

Click HERE for more detailed information about the do’s and don’ts of making a GREAT video for your website.

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