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“There is no such thing as an instant ROI in our industry” I have heard this statement numerous times since I stepped into the Rug Care industry. These flyers prove that statement to be complete BS!!!

I received a multi thousand dollar instant ROI the very first time I used these flyers during an in home inspection. Without saying a word, I simply handed the relevant flyers to my client after determining the needs of her fine area rugs. It really was that simple, these flyers are like having a full time additional services sales person.

Bravo Lynn Tall! I can’t wait for the next series of these priceless pieces of information sales GOLD!!!”

Derek Powell

Gillette, WY, Rug Masters

“Attended the Rug Restoration Seminars repair class in Pittsburg, PA. Both Lynn Tall and the Shehady’s family were a wealth of knowledge. Class was small enough to get 1 on 1 help. The “hands-on” style of teaching is the best environment for me to soak up the talent that was there. So appreciate the patience that was given. I felt as though I had a good understanding of minor rug repair to use in my day to day rug cleaning business. I would recommend this seminar to those who are either beginning or intermediate in the industry.
Cydney Olea

Mooresville, NY, Like New, Inc.

 “I leave rug pad samples and one of these flyers with all of my customers. The pad practically sells itself!”
Brian Limer

Charleston, WV, Brian's Rug Care

“There are many who attempt to teach people, but Lynn Tall has the unique ability to effectively communicate the subject. Her extensive knowledge and her love of rugs is an over the top experience. I am always sitting on the edge of my seat captivated as I listen to the enthusiasm in her voice as she paints a vivid picture in my mind.”
Doug Moerschbacher

Pleasant Gap, PA, Doug's Rug Spa

“I love your passion, and the way you pick up on the slightest hesitation or unspoken question in someone’s eyes, and then move to their side to help them understand. You know, I always thought I knew what being a mentor was, and then I met you.”
Nathan Koets

Grand Rapids, MI, Clean Oriental Rug, LLC

“Lynn Tall thank you so much for teaching such a great class. The first silk rug I ever cleaned four years ago just came back in for cleaning. Four years ago all I knew was it was silk and expensive, but when I picked it up this time I was able to identify it and talk about some of its identifying features. Thank you!”
David Meintz

Lakemoor, IL, The Cleaning Studio

 “I highly recommend Rug Advocate and Rug Restoration Seminars to all. It doesn’t matter whether you are an industry veteran or a completely newbie to rugs, there is a ton of real-world help available here. It is impossible to overstate just how incredible this training is. The industry experts that drive this training are extremely generous with sharing their knowledge of cleaning tips, Rug ID, restoration tricks, and how to properly use chemistry. All of theses topics and more are freely shared and thoroughly discussed in the training classes as well as the Rug Room. Thank you to Lynn, Cam, Paul, Nate and all the participants and contributors that make this community the best resource in the rug community!
Joseph Corcoran

Oxford, PA, Kleening Made Affordable

 “My son and I were struggling. Putting together a website site that was attractive and informative for prospective customers was just not in our skill set. We knew we needed help so we turned to Lynn Tall of Rug Advocate. Lynn graciously accepted the challenge and – I kid you not – she wasted no time. On the first day she completely rewrote three full pages of content. The next day she created three fresh blogs with content pertaining to rug washing, and if that wasn’t enough, she began to immediately reorganize the site into a logical and well laid out presentation of our Rug Washing Business.

We are thrilled with the final product,and even more thrilled that we chose Lynn Tall for the task! Thank You Lynn for an over the top performance!”

Isaac Reiswig III

Grass Valley, CA, Select Rug Washing

“I am honored to learn from you; with all the knowledge you hold and are so willing to share. I thank you!”
Bert Presant

Long Island, NY, Professional Carpet Services

“Thank you for giving me that spark that I didn’t know I had! One year ago, I didn’t know a synthetic rug from a wool rug, much less an Indian rug from a Chinese rug. Now, when I go to a customer’s home and I can identify their rug, they are amazed at the knowledge that I have! I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for being there when I run in to problems and for continuing to help me when I’m not sure what kind of rug I’m looking at.”
Godwin Flores

Houston TX, JKT Carpet and Rug Cleaning

“Rug Advocate’s Customer Information flyers are great. We use them for our customers and staff. Everyone loves them! Thanks again Lynn Tall!”
Scott Gwilliam

Mesa, AZ, Rug Worx

“The rug restoration seminars are hands down a great way for beginners to guys who have been around a while to learn from a few experts! The knowledge these folks have is mind blowing! The best part is the support you get after is well worth the investment! I can’t wait for another event.”
Warren Wallace

Lake Bluff, IL, Magic Carpet Pride

“It was a great class!!! I just used my new skills today on a Turkish rug, overcasting both ends. It is so great to be able to repair rugs on my own now. The best part of the class is having Wade, his sisters, and Uncle Fred there to help us, watch what we are doing, and teach us as we figure out new ways of hand sewing and how to do things the right way. I know there is so much more to learn, but it was really nice you showed us an introduction to some advanced skills as well. Being at Wade’s shop was a real inspiration. Can’t wait to use all the new skills this year and come back to do a second class with you guys again. Worth every penny. Thank you.”
Dave Nichols

Spring Valley, CA, Rug Renew

“All I got to say is Lynn Tall is over the top awesome! What an awesome 2 days my team had with her. She kept them engaged the entire time. I saw light bulb moments throughout both days. If you have employees and want to build up your dream team I highly recommend having Lynn Tall come to your facility and work with your team.”
Cory McCook

Barnesville, GA, Middle GA Rug Sp

“To be in the same room as Lynn is a privilege in itself, she has a wealth of knowledge and freely shares with others her expertise in hand woven rugs or as I would like to say art. Lynn’s unselfishness is truly appreciated, and I look forward to spending time with her and, of course learning from her… Thank you for helping me reach my dreams, Lynn you ROCK!!!”
Jan Sandler

Willow Grove, PA, JMS Enterprises

“As an instructor Lynn Tall is in a class all her own. She not only meets but exceeds your expectations for a class instructor. Lynn’s skills are as impressive as they come and her mild mannered teaching style brought a sense of calm learning in the classroom. There are tens of thousands of rugs out there and by the time we were done with her class we all felt much more confident about being able to identify and work on them in the field.”
Mike Schmitt

Port Washington, NY, Kleenrite Carpet Care

“Whether you’re a beginner with no knowledge of the rug cleaning industry or an expert the Rug Restoration Seminars is for you! I’ve taken 2 of their classes so far when I knew nothing and was just getting into the field of Rug cleaning.

The first class was very wonderful and I learned so much I felt confident in starting my rug bath set up and started making money that month. All classes are hands on and lots of fun.
The repair class was very well made and helped us understand basic rug repairs that have made me lots of $$$$.

Lynn Tall has been very helpful with me personally when I need help finding the origin of a rug When I Look to purchase rugs and help me learn in the doing as well.”

Patrick Knapp

Fayettville, NC, R&K Carpet Cleaning

“Rug Advocate offers the ultimate hands on training seminars for individuals who have a true passion for woven art. The hands on repair classes in addition to rug identification courses are top notch. The rug washing classes are hands on and very exciting.

Instructors are big time rug enthusiasts with incredible knowledge. The classes are worth every dime in my opinion.”

Doug Heiferman

DH Seminars and Consulting, Industry consultant and trainer. Woven art is my passion.

“Good Morning Lynn,

I so appreciate the time you spent assisting me in researching locations in Florida for our client to purchase rug pad, and for the cleaning facility referrals. I’m sure they will be very appreciative! Clients are always surprised when you go the extra mile for something they haven’t paid you for… Just like you have gone the extra mile for me.

Thank you so much.”

Cathy Snyder

Palm Dessert, CA,, Magic Rug Cleaners

“I only had to put the flyer on Rug Padding down on the counter with the rest of my paperwork, I didn’t say a word, and before I could finish rolling up his rugs, he ordered $700.00 worth of new pad!! These are great!”
Cameron Mayville

Omaha, NE, Omaha's Rug Cleaning and Restoration

“We use Lynn Tall’s Customer Information Flyer system to educate our clients AND our staff. They are an invaluable part of our inspection and sales process.” 
Joe Roberts

Revive-A-Rug and The Rug Sucker, Jackson Hole, WY

“Every step of the way this person is there for me and my company. Never hesitating. I have learned just about everything from this person. I have never been looked down upon or doubted. If anything, this person has made me feel like I can do anything in the rug business and I owe Lynn Tall the biggest thank you in the world.”
Cameron Mayville

Omaha, NE, Omaha's Rug Cleaning and Restoration

“Just installed racks last night for Rug Advocate’s information sheets. First two customers this morning grabbed one.”
David Meintz

Lakemoor, IL, The Cleaning Studio

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