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Classes For The Rug Cleaning Industry

Rug Advocate® 

Rug ID & Customer Service classes and workplace events are for you and your staff to enjoy. When you and your staff know more than your customers, it gives you the confidence necessary to make the big sale, speak with quiet authority, and become the go-to your customers rely on. We focus on pre-inspection, customer service, and a “most common” type of Rug ID, which will provide a solid foundation for further Rug ID training, if desired. Knowing what to look for (and charge for) during pre-inspection saves you from embarrassing phone calls with your customers later – not to mention lost time and wages!

Our events and classes are designed to provide a maximum potential for learning with a minimum financial investment.

Instructor: Lynn Tall of Rug Advocate®, Saugus, MA

4 Day Seminar, Group Size up to 15

This is an active participation class: many rugs to handle, and reference materials to take home. Spirited discussions encouraged.

  • Vocabulary and terminology
  • Rug construction and basic rug ID
  • Determining cleanability and potential pitfalls
  • Thorough pre-inspection and documentation
  • Providing additional services
  • Confident customer service and communication
  • Determining value for service

Call Lynn Tall for details about this class.

(772) 708-6445

As an instructor Lynn Tall is in a class all her own. She not only meets but exceeds your expectations for a class instructor. Lynn’s skills are as impressive as they come and her mild mannered teaching style brought a sense of calm learning in the classroom. There are tens of thousands of rugs out there and by the time we were done with her class we all felt much more confident about being able to identify and work on them in the field.”

Mike Schmitt

Port Washington, NY, Kleenrite Carpet Care

2 Day Class, Group Size up to 15

Bi-annual class teaching the basics of hand repairing area rugs.

  • Held at Shehady Oriental Rugs, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 100% hands-on class
  • Interactive, supportive learning environment
  • Excellent instructor to student ratio
Call Lynn Tall for details at (772) 708-6445

“Attended the advocate/repair class in Pittsburg, PA. Both Lynn Tall and the Shehady’s family were a wealth of knowledge. Class was small enough to get 1 on 1 help. The “hands-on” style of teaching is the best environment for me to soak up the talent that was there. So appreciate the patience that was given. I felt as though I had a good understanding of minor rug repair to use in my day to day rug cleaning business. I would recommend this seminar to those who are either beginning or intermediate in the industry.”

Cydney Olea

Like New, Inc.

1-2 Day Seminar, Group Size up to 30

Host an interactive day of learning for your trade group or staff.

  • 1-2 Day Seminar, Group size 10 to 30
  • Host an interactive day of learning for your trade group or staff.
  • Pre-Inspecting area rugs (protect yourself, set expectations, documentation)
  • Top 3 or 4 problem rug issues (shrinkage, unstable dyes, latex decay, fringes, etc)
  • Value for service provided (pricing)
  • Additional services (padding, protector, repairs, blocking, etc)
  • Marketing (newsletters & postcards, in-person, networking groups, etc)

Call Lynn Tall for details about this class.

(772) 708-6445

“All I got to say is Lynn Tall is over the top awesome! What an awesome 2 days my team had with her. She kept them engaged the entire time. I saw light bulb moments throughout both days. If you have employees and want to build up your dream team I highly recommend having Lynn Tall come to your facility and work with your team.”

Cory McCook
Barnesville, GA, Middle GA Rug Sp

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